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We have Qualified group of medical consultants and Law Consultants. Instructing us is easy.Our service is fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective.

  • We offer medico legal services to patient.
  • Doctors Hospitals & forensic medicine Services with forensic expert to lawyers and law firms.

We will provide what you need to present your best case. Improve your efficiency with our services :

  • Medical record review
  • Case screening
  • Summarize a organize medical records
  • Case analysis
  • Consultation
  • Asses damage/Injury
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Research Medical literature
  • Opinion on merit in Medical Negligence’s case
  • Case Evaluation and Assessment of compensation
  • Evaluation of Medical records
  • Appearances in consumer court
  • Emergency advise
  • Evaluation a merital the complaint / case
  • As Associate to lowyer
  • Appearances as expert witness
  • Complete handling of the case including appearances in court
  • Assistances in settlement