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NABH Consultancy


We provide assistance in:

  • Gap assessment and analysis based on NABH : Assessment of infrastructural, human resource and  documentation, orientation of staff and other features with respect to Accreditation norms.
  • We developing and implement  Hospital plan for Accreditation at various stages of the project with
  • We Assist in the Development of Documents (SOPs, Manuals, Policies, instructions for the hospital, departments and infection control).
  • Training of pre-identified Hospital staff on NABH methodology for accreditation
  • Development of performance indicators and data collection & its analysis

NABH Accreditation Requirements

Following are the general and technical NABH accreditation requirements that any organization must follow while implementation of NABH system to achieve best results and quick NABH certification:

  • Access, Assessment and continuity of care (AAC)
  • Patient Right and Education (PRE)
  • Care of Patients (COP)
  • Management of Medication (MOM)
  • Hospital Infection Control (HIC)
  • Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
  • Responsibility of Management (ROM)
  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Information Management System (IMS)